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WATCH: 13 WWE superstars getting brutally swatted out of the air

No matter who it is, fans love seeing someone take a sick bump. The more powerful and impactful the force only means that much more enjoyable for the masses. If you factor in high risk then people are only pop more. WWE’s official YouTube channel just put up a nice little highlight video of 13 superstars who took a dive and it didn’t work out well for them. You’ll notice Randy Orton isn’t in any of these highlights.

The list is highlighted by Braun Strowman near the beginning and the end of the video. In one clip he’s taking someone out and in the second one, he’s on the receiving end of being swatted out of the air like a fly. His matches with The Big Show are amazing. Not only is Show a veteran talent who makes it really come alive, but Braun always seems to do a kip-up and that’s outstanding to see. This video features spots from NXT and WWE including some you’ll probably remember from Undertaker especially.

Another neat spot to see on this list is Shawn Michaels superkicking Shelton Benjamin out of the air. Fans might get another run out of Shelty soon so they can witness The Gold Standard again. That is really exciting news because just his presence alone in a match used to mean at least a few great spots.

Of course, Roman Reigns is featured on the list, but he’s the biggest babyface in WWE so why wouldn’t he be? There have been way more times a superstar’s dive didn’t work out well for them but this list is a well put together representation of thirteen of those unsuccessful endeavors.

It’s a pretty good video which is why it warranted an article. It also goes to show you never know how someone is going to land when they take a leap in the ring.


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