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Watch All Us, the All In story

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All In is already a massive success. Their thirty-minute sell-out was amazing and it seems Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are building an empire in professional wrestling. Indie wrestling hasn't seen a booming period of time in a very long time and it's about time

Cody and The Young Bucks recently put out a mini-documentary called "All Us" which is the story of All In. It's certainly worth your time as they talked about the build toward the event and hinted at some things that could be to come.

They said when it came to Rey Mysterio they ended up hearing his price and saying no. After all, Rey Mysterio is known all over the globe so he can fetch a large amount for his services. Some reports were he was taking gigs for $10-15,000 a shot which might sound like a lot of money because it is. But in the end, Nick, Matt, and Cody said they ended up probably tripling what Rey Mysterio was asking for.

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They said to not broadcast the show wouldn't be fair to the people who wanted to see the show but couldn't get a ticket. Cody said they want as many people to see it as possible but the tricky part is that they're not directors. They're first-time promotors and now they're also first-time executive producers of the All In broadcast and they're doing it all themselves.

Cody said they wanted Chris Jericho at All In and called him after the sell-out. Jericho isn't saying he wants to do the show but there is also a thought that Jericho might be toying with them. They also said they might not be able to afford Chris Jericho even though Cody hinted otherwise.

Hulk Hogan was a similar circumstance where apparently The Hulkster threw out an invitation to help that was never followed through on. Of course, this could all be teasing some big surprises for All In but only time will tell.

Cody also said he is way more into the people who were All In before the sell-out as well. After all, it's much easier to jump on a ship if you know it's not going to sink. Cody put over the fans for being so diehard and supporting them through so much of their previous efforts so he had faith they would do well. However, it's hard to argue that a thirty-minute sell out isn't incredibly impressive.