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WATCH: Alligator makes interesting picks for top WrestleMania matches

There are plenty of ways you can test the waters to see if your hunch is correct about a big match. After all, sometimes you need to factor in the idea of a random chance determining things. Some people put options on a dartboard but former Tough Enough competitor ZZ has another idea.

If you remember from his season on Tough Enough, ZZ was an alligator wrangler and since leaving the WWE Performance Center it looks like he went back to his previous occupation.

ZZ gave one of his gators a chance to make their picks for some top Mania contests by chomping down on big cardboard cutouts of the competitor’s heads. From the looks of how his reptiles bit down, ZZ might have needed to give the win to the opposite choice but it was still a pretty entertaining trick.

It’s nice to see ZZ is still around and can pop in from time to time. Maybe ZZ’s gator predictions could become a running theme for pay-per-views down the line. But at least WrestleMania was a big enough to check in on some alligator oddsmakers.

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