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WATCH: Austin Aries insults independent promotion’s ring and walks off: “this wrestling ring is a f**king disgrace!”

All was going well at the International Assault from World Series Wrestling. Sean Waltman and Austin Aries had just wrestled as tag partners in a match where A Double admitted it was a huge honor and checking off an item from his bucket list to perform with X-Pac. But then things went a little south.

After Waltman got the crowd really pumped and excited, it was Austin Aries’ turn. He started off well and good and Pac thought he was finished as evidenced by the fact you can see him start to take the microphone from The Greatest Man That’s Ever Lived’s hand but Aries wasn’t finished yet.

Austin Aries took the mic after a touching tribute and said, “but there’s one more thing. I’m known for being kinda an asshole, and I’m known for speaking the truth. And here’s the truth of the fact, you’ve got some talented men and women back there out here busting their ass and the stage that we bust our ass in is this wrestling ring and quite frankly this wrestling ring is a f-cking disgrace!” Mic drop and then A Double left.

You can feel the energy drain from the room immediately. Sean Waltman, being the 30-year veteran he is picked up the microphone and tried his best to save the post-match celebration by explaining Austin’s comments by saying the ring hurt them more than their opponents did. He even closed out the same way he planned to by saying, “if you ain’t down with Austin Aries and X-Pac then we got two words for ya” and people still said “suck it!” in reply… although the crowd would have probably been more receptive if Aries hadn’t cut a promo on the ring itself before leaving.

Austin Aries does it again! This is why we love him so much (that and his incredible wrestling ability).

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