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WATCH: Austin Aries’ promo at House Of Hardcore could have gone better

Austin Aries recently left WWE and is now free to return to the indy wrestling scene once again. He popped up at a recent House Of Hardcore show and cut a pretty interesting promo, to say the least.

A Double started things off okay enough by dropping the F-Bomb for a “cheap pop” and plugging his book. Then he started talking about his new book and all the truth it contains. The crowd soon dwindled on Aries and he lost a lot of heat.

He spoke about how things have changed since he was last in House Of Hardcore. He was in the bingo halls,  then he went to the big time, and now he’s back in the bingo halls but that’s okay because sometimes things go full circle.

The promo continued to go on where he announced his new moniker as “The Truth” Austin Aries. He said he could go and call out a lot of people for all the BS going on in the industry but in the end, there was only one name he wanted to call out and that was Austin Aries.

Aries went on to talk about how his frustrations with the industry brought out the worst in him and that’s his fault. The promo went on for over ten minutes and the crowd soon broke out into chants to show they would have rather it not gone on so long.

You can watch it for yourself and let us know what you think. But it certainly doesn’t sound like it went over too well on our end.

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