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WATCH: Baron Corbin breaks character to console a child after making him cry

Everyone looks for a chance to see a WWE Superstar break character. The fact is after the Curtain Call at Madison Square Garden all those years ago one of the most fascinating things to see is a Superstar act in a way that doesn’t fall in line with their character.

Baron Corbin is a very mean guy and he’s currently in a program with Shinsuke Nakamura. The Lone Wolf achieved this feud with underhanded actions like jumping The King Of Strong Style at Money In The Bank and ruining his epic entrance. Corbin said he loved the fans’ hatred and thrives on it.

Nakamura got some retribution on Corbin on last night’s SmackDown Live by jumping him before their match. It was the right booking decision as WWE needs to make both of these guys look strong. Therefore the best way to book a match where they have a tricky finish is to simply avoid having the match in the first place.

After SmackDown Live went off the air the San Antonio crowd was treated to a dark match featuring Baron Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura anyway. They obviously had time to recover from their brawl and gave the fans in attendance a great performance.

But after the match, Baron Corbin did something that was uncharacteristic of his gimmick when he gave his t-shirt to a child in the audience. People in attendance who saw this go down reported the child was crying and that’s why Baron Corbin gave him his t-shirt.

But Baron Corbin was quick to refute this assumption and keep his character intact. The Lone Wolf wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t care about other people’s kids which certainly falls in line with his gimmick. He was merely being nice to one of his own family members. So the next time you see someone doing something nice, it probably isn’t what it looks like. Especially if that person is Baron Corbin.

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