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Watch Baron Corbin get his famous hair shaved off

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Watch Baron Corbin get his famous hair shaved off

Baron Corbin has been a long-haired heel for as long as most fans remember. He’s been growing out his black hair since coming into WWE’s developmental territory and early NXT promo pictures do show a shorter-haired Lone Wolf. But now that he’s in an authority figure role on Raw it looks like he’s going the distance to change up his look.

The new Raw Constable, Baron Corbin appeared on the show this week with a bald head and snazzy suit. He pulled off the vest well and doesn’t need a jacket because he’s still alternative. You can also see just enough of his tattoos to know what he’s all about which was a nice touch as well. But the one thing most fans couldn’t stop talking about was the fact he shaved his head to put the whole look together.

Corbin’s hair wasn’t grown in a day but it didn’t take long at all to make it all go away. He sat in a barber’s chair and kept a very brave face while one of WWE’s excellent stylists helped Corbin with his new look. He didn’t quite go full-on Stone Cold bald, but it was pretty close.

It’s also pretty cool to note Baron Corbin specifically asked for his hair to be put in a ponytail so it might be donated. It is pretty awesome to think someone might be someday wearing a wig made out of the Lone Wolf’s hair.

“Now the losers on Twitter are going to have one less thing to complain about. It’s a sad day for them,” Corbin said as the stylist dusted off the remaining remnants of his hair off his cleanly cut scalp.

Some might say Corbin’s hair was amazing and valuable for possible storyline fodder. It could have been a great angle enhancement in a hair vs hair match. But instead, it looks like they got the job done quietly backstage. But at least we got a YouTube video out of the process so we can enjoy Corbin’s last moments with his famous long hair.

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