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WATCH: Becky Lynch feels disrespected by reporter because of her wardrobe choice



WWE has posted a behind-the-scenes clip of Becky Lynch just prior to an interview she did last week in London.

Lynch took issue with the interviewer because she was wearing a Ronda Rousey jacket. It's unclear if this was something discussed beforehand but the other people in the room (including Gorilla Position podcast host James Delow) seemed shocked.

Lynch said, "I actually have a big match against Ronda Rousey and I think it's disrespectful and unprofessional to come in wearing a Ronda Rousey jacket."

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Lynch continued, "If you actually want to do this interview, maybe go out there and take your jacket off and come back in."

Little things like this are what make Becky Lynch so great in her new role as an ass-kicker in the Stone Cold Steve Austin tweener role. As written about earlier, WWE wants to protect Lynch and it is not guaranteed that she will lose to Rousey on Sunday. Click here if you want to read about the rumored plans for their match on Sunday.