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WATCH: Big Cass cuts promo about his WWE career during indy appearance



Big Cass' WWE run came to an abrupt end this past summer. The 31-year-old started with WWE back in 2011, three years after entering the business. He was signed to a developmental contract and was sent to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), WWE's then-developmental territory.

After FCW was rebranded to NXT, Cass linked up with Enzo Amore and formed a fan-favorite tag team with one another. Although they were never able to capture Tag Team gold in NXT, they still proved to be extraordinary entertainers. WWE made the call to bump them up to the main roster in April of 2016.

Enzo and Cass were immediately thrown into the Raw Tag Team title hunt, however, again they were never able to win the titles. In June of 2017, Cass turned on Enzo, ending their run as a tag team and beginning their respective singles careers. On an August episode of Monday Night Raw in 2017, Cass suffered a torn ACL during a match with Amore. The match was waived off and didn't finish.

Cass was sidelined for eight months before making his return to the SmackDown Live brand this past April. The seven-footer began a program with Daniel Bryan, in which he lost to the former World Champion twice via submission at both Backlash and Money In The Bank. His loss at MITB was his last for the company, as he was released two days later.

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It was reported that his release was due to behavioral issues, including public intoxication and disobeying direct orders from Vince McMahon. As of last month, Cass is working the independent scene under the ring name "Big Cazz." He made an appearance at a recent Championship Wrestling League show in Michigan and set the record straight about his WWE run in a promo. Here's what he had to say:

"I have a lot to talk about," Big C said. "I have a lot to get off my chest. Everybody in the world wants to know what happened. Why was he released from where he was before? And it seems like everybody out there has the answers. I read the internet, I read the dirt sheets, and I know there's people on their computers (mimics typing), there's people on their phones.

"And they are all typing up, speculating what they think really happened. And there's a ton of stories out there, and I'll tell you this, I've read them all. Some of them are true, and I'm man enough to admit right here, right now that some of them are true. But most of them are false.

"That day, there were only three people in that room. There are only three people in the world, who know what happened, and what was talked about that day. And I can guarantee you that the other two will not tell you what actually happened."

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions