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WATCH: Big E shows off his neck movement without a brace

Big E has kept fans in the loop since suffering a broken neck and fractures to his C1 and C6 vertebrae on an episode of SmackDown earlier this year.

He recently shared that he had thrown his neck brace that he’s been in since the injury in the trash. While responding to a fan on Twitter, he showed his neck movement off without the brace.

Big E stated in the caption that fans “don’t need to worry about him” and that “he’s good” as his recovery continues.

The injury happened when he took a belly-to-belly suplex by Ridge Holland outside the ring. He narrowly avoided paralysis and potentially death. Big E has no spinal or ligament injuries, meaning he didn’t have to undergo surgery.

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He returned home a few days after being at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital. Since being injured, he is staying positive.