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WATCH: Braun Strowman rules out some names rumored to be his partner at WrestleMania

Cathy Kelly was got a chance to interview Braun Strowman outside of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Thursday night. Among several topics, Strowman was asked who could be his partner at WrestleMania 34 on Sunday.

Right off the bat, he ruled out Curt Hawkins.

Elias: You never know, It could be, I mean we’ve had a little bit of beef and Elias is a really good hand as well but at the same time, he’s fallen to the monster among men and he can’t hold his own against me then I don’t want him to be my partner.

Bray Wyatt: It always could be Bray Wyatt.  You never know. There’s something there. He’s my mentor … let’s be honest, he exposed — I hate to use that word, that’s a terrible word — not exposed. He showed the world Braun Strowman and let me blossom into the monster among men that I am today so you never know.

Mark Henry: As much as I would love to have Mark Henry too, the same thing I’m gonna say is that this is my time. I don’t wanna share and if I have to pick someone I will. If not, I’m gonna leave it to managment’s hands to give me a partner

He didn’t say much about Big Show.

Alexa Bliss: I wouldn’t mind that. I mean she really makes me look a lot better than I really am. So I mean it’s nice to walk out there with something that elevates me even more.

Strowman said that he plans on holding the Raw Tag Team Championships, regardless of who ends up being his partner. Based on what he siad, it doesn’t sound like WWE has told him. If that is the case, then his tag team partner is either someone that is not currently with the company or someone returning or making their main roster debut.

You can watch the interview below:

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