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WATCH: Brock Lesnar calls out Bill Goldberg / WhatCulture Wrestling / WhatCulture Wrestling

Adam Blampied from WhatCulture caught up with Brock Lesnar at Friday night's WWE 2K17 launch party. Lesnar talked about being on the cover of the game and facing Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

When he was asked about Bill Goldberg, he said, "If Bill Goldberg has the balls to step into the ring with me... where you at? Where are you? Let's go. That's all I gotta say." He said that he was ready for Goldberg 10 years ago and he believes, this time, the match would end differently.

Lesnar was asked if he enjoys being a wrestler. He said that he does enjoy stepping into the ring and competing. Paul Heyman said that Lesnar was chosen to be on the cover of the video game because no one draws more at the box office than Brock Lesnar and no one can argue that claim.

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Lesnar was asked what else there is to conquer. He said that he just takes things one day at a time and he doesn't know what else lies ahead for him. He said that he has Randy Orton on Sunday and then maybe Bill Goldberg.

Lesnar was asked about a future opponent in UFC. He said that he approaches things as a business and he worries about the date, time, his check and that's it. He doesn't worry about future opponents.

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Check out the interview below: