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WATCH: Carmella captures her second Money In The Bank briefcase



This was honestly a great story to be told. Carmella won the first-ever Women's Money In The Bank match when James Ellsworth interfered in the match, climbed up the ladder, unhooked the briefcase, and just dropped it to Mella. Needless to say, the internet and the rest of the WWE Universe went crazy due to these shenanigans.

Daniel Bryan booked a do-over because he didn't like Ellsworth or the way Carmella won her contract for a SmackDown Women's Championship match whenever she wanted it. All five ladies were pumped to get it on again, especially Nattie, Becky, Tamina, and Charlotte who were looking to seek some revenge on the Princess Of Staten Island.

During the closing moments of the second Women's MITB match, Tamina was taken out in strong fashion while Natalya and Charlotte Flair kind of eliminated themselves by fighting over the barricade as they disappeared into the crowd. This only left one thing to happen and that was for James Ellsworth to break Daniel Bryan's orders when he banned him from the building. It looks like the Chinless Wonder must have been running from those security guards backstage the entire night and they never caught him. You just can't find good help these days.

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They teased a straight-up recreation of the OG Women's MITB ladder match ending with Ellsworth climbing up to the top of the ladder as Carmella sat on the mat ready to catch her briefcase. But as you can see below it didn't work out the way they would have liked.

But in the end, Becky Lynch was no match for a couple of brutal chair shots and Carmella climbed up and snatched the briefcase herself. This means Carmella won the first two Women's Money In The Bank ladder matches, there's a little trivia for you. It was only a couple of hours later when Mella was on her the home with her baby. We wonder how long it will take before Big Cass is jealous of Carm's new briefcase baby.