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WATCH: Charlotte Flair breaks character, praises Trish Stratus for WWE SummerSlam match

Charlotte Flair was interviewed by Cathy Kelley after her WWE SummerSlam match against Trish Stratus.

Flair did a lot of trash talking to build up their match but once it was over, she broke character to praise her opponent. Flair said that she felt like her match with Stratus was bigger than WrestleMania.

She also praised Stratus for what she’s done as a mom and being able to shine after being out of the ring for so many years. You can check out the post-match interview with Flair below and scroll down for Stratus’ post-match interview.

During the hype for SummerSlam, Stratus told several media outlets that SummerSlam would be her final match.

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