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WATCH: Cody Rhodes tells funny Royal Rumble story about The Undertaker & Roddy Piper

Inside The Ropes released a video featuring Cody Rhodes and his wife, Brandi Rhodes. 

In the video, Cody told a funny story about working his first Royal Rumble in 2008 where he didn’t have a game plan going in. It turns out The Undertaker helped him out after hitting Taker as hard as he could from behind. Taker went for a chokeslam and told him to get out of it by kicking him in the leg. 

Cody also talked about working with CM Punk in the match. Cody only lasted a little over 20 minutes in the contest and didn’t eliminate anyone but was tossed out by Triple H. 

One of the highlights of the story was when Roddy Piper yelled ‘you motherf**ker’ at Jimmy Snuka in the Rumble. This led to Punk and John Morrison laughing at it. 

You can watch the entire video by clicking on the player below:

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