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WATCH: Comedian Eric Andre suffered a concussion during stunt with John Cena

Jimmy Kimmel Show

Jimmy Kimmel Show

Stunts can sometimes go wrong as comedian Eric Andre found out the hard way.

He did a stunt with John Cena, who was dressed up in his in-ring gear while filming the “The Eric Andre” show. The stunt saw Cena toss Andre into a shelf.

During a recent appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Andre talked about the stunt, which is where he noted that he suffered a concussion when he hit his head on a metal shelf.

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Andre didn’t blame Cena for the injury, but rather noted that the crew didn’t prepare the stunt properly.

“John Cena did the stunt right, but we prepped for the stunt wrong, and that metal shelf came over and clocked me in the head. I got concussed, and went to the hospital, yes. I went to the hospital immediately. I had like a Fred Flintstone/Bugs Bunny [bump] on the side of my head and they did a cat scan.”

Andre jokingly said he was not able to speak English after the incident.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below (stunt footage can be found at the 6:20 mark):