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WATCH: Dana Warrior's reaction from ringside during Dolph Ziggler's Ultimate Warrior impersonation



Dana Warrior was sitting at ringside during Dolph Ziggler's segment. For those of you that missed it, Ziggler came out and mocked Bayley's entrance and then came back out to the Ultimate Warrior's music and ran down to the ring with the trademark tassels and a Warrior mask.

Check out Dana's reaction below:

It did appear that she was not offended by it. I am sure WWE told her about beforehand and they wouldn't have done it without her approval. Dana was there as a guest for the Mae Young Classic finale.

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If you are wondering where they are going with Ziggler, it appears that this is all leading to a match with Bobby Roode with Ziggler mocking Roode's entrance. Ziggler would knock Roode for being a big star because of his entrance and not because of what he can do in the ring. There's still more than 3 weeks left until the HIAC pay-per-view so this could drag out for another week or two before Ziggler and Roode begin their feud.

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