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WATCH: Dana White provides update on potential Daniel Cormier vs. Brock Lesnar fight

This past summer the UFC set up a heavyweight title fight between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar was cageside for Cormier's title victory over Stipe Miocic. He entered the Octagon and shoved "DC," vowing to come for his heavyweight title next. However, before Lesnar can return he must finish up his drug testing obligations with the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

A fight between Lesnar and Cormier could happen as early as the first quarter of 2019 if all goes well. However, not much news has been made official in regards to the match-up in the last several months. UFC President Dana White as asked about the potential fight this week in Canada while promoting tonight's UFC 231 pay-per-view.

White said that last he heard, Lesnar signed a bunch of new stuff with the WWE:

"Yeah, I dunno," White said. "One of the guys I met with during PR told me that he had heard Brock Lesnar signed a bunch of new WWE deals."

However, when asked if that would impact his ability to fight in the UFC, White confirmed it would not. When further pressed on the issue, however, White said he has been very busy this week, and the last thing on his mind at the moment is Brock Lesnar:

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"I got s--- to do this week," White said. "I'm not focused on Brock Lesnar this week, you know what I mean? If I needed to talk to Brock, I'd pick up [the phone] and call him when I needed to."

It was even noted that Cormier's next fight could potentially go down at light heavyweight, where he is also the division's champion. With that being said, Lesnar might not be Cormier's next fight after all:

"Daniel Cormier is hurt, so it doesn't matter right now," White said. "If you guys knew how much s--- I have to do in a day, okay. [Laughs] I'm not working on stuff I need to work on later. I'm working on stuff that needs to be done now.

"Daniel's hurt, he's out for a while. I don't know what Brock is doing, but as Daniel starts to get better and we start looking at dates Cormier might defend his title, I'll be calling Brock or somebody at 205 [Light Heavyweight division].

"Daniel tells me he still wants to fight at 205, he wants to fight there."

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions