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WATCH: Daniel Bryan discusses retirement, living with John Cena, wrestling again and more / Gorilla Position / Gorilla Position

The Gorilla Position podcast recently caught up with Daniel Bryan at the top of the Freedom Tower in New York City.

Bryan was asked about his work on the Cruiserweight Classic. He said that he doesn't consider himself great but he feels that he is decent on the show, considering that he has very little experience on commentary.

Bryan said that it's hard not being able to wrestle because he feels great and his body feels great. He says that he more athletic now that he was 10 years ago. Does Bryan think he will wrestle again? He says that it depends on who you ask. He would be wrestling if it was up to him but it's up to WWE.

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He put over Brie and Nikki for having so much ambition. They have a ton of projects going on now. He also talks about what it was like to live with John Cena during the filming for Total Divas.

Check out the interview below: