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WATCH: Daniel Bryan is growing his hair out for a hair vs. mask match

We are getting closer to the end of Daniel Bryan’s run with WWE and he seems more intent on wrestling once he is free from his contract. Less than a year from now he will be free to take offers from companies like New Japan Pro Wrestling, ROH, PWG, AAA, CMLL and others and he’s already telling us who he wants to face in Mexico.

In a recent Instagram Q&A session, Brie Bella brought up that Bryan is growing his hair out.

Brie: “Tell everyone why your hair is in a weird stage.”

Bryan: “Well, I’m growing my hair out.”

Brie: “Is there a reason why you’re growing your hair out?”

Bryan: “Listen, we don’t need to talk about why I’m growing my hair out. It may or may not be because I want to do apuestas (mask vs. hair) matches in Arena Mexico. It may or may not be that.”

Brie: “That’s what he wants and that’s what he keeps telling me.”

Bryan: “Imagine a hair vs. mask match vs. Atlantis or hair vs. hair vs. Rush.”

Bryan has talked about his bucket list of items for his return to wrestling and this is not the first time that he’s talked about wanting to wrestle in Mexico, specifically the CMLL promotion. There’s always been a cloud hanging over his retirement. The reason why he was told to give his retirement speech in the first place was because he was cleared to return by WWE-approved doctors in Phoenix and UCLA. However, he then went for non-FDA approved testing at Evoke Neuroscience in New York City and the tests showed a lesion in the back of his brain. When Bryan explained to WWE that tests showed a lesion in his brain, they thought that he had an actual cut on his brain but that was not the case. In reality, it just means that there is something there in the temporal-parietal region of the brain. That something turned out to mean that his reflexes were slower than that of the athletes that they usually test. Bryan was told that he has the reflexes of a normal person, which is fine becuase you don’t need the reflexes of, say, an NFL quarterback to be a pro wrestler.

Bryan later began working at the Joe Namath Neurological Research Center and thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatments, he has been able to improve his brain function and the doctor believes that his brain will be back to where it was, as if he had never played one contact sports in his life. Bryan is looking at doing 50-100 matches per year when he returns to the ring.

Check out the clip below bf Bella and Bryan talking about why he is growing out his hair:

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