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WATCH: Daniel Bryan roasts Big Cass with intense off-air promo after Smackdown Live

Daniel Bryan seems to be having fun since he was cleared to wrestle back in March. Bryan is set to wrestle Big Cass again at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view and he is making the best of the feud, despite Cass’ in-ring limitations.

Following this week’s Smackdown Live, caught up with Bryan backstage. As you will see in the video below, some of the best promos happen when they are not scripted and don’t make air on television.

“Big Cass, guess what? You said you’re gonna break my leg in half? You don’t even know how. You haven’t trained hard enough. You haven’t been in the gym hard enough. You don’t know how to wrestle hard enough to break my leg in half. Do you know what’s gonna happen at Money In The Bank? I am going to make you tap out one more time, whether it’s the Yes Lock, whether it’s the heel hook, whether I just knee you in the face and stop you in the face until you give up. That’s what’s gonna happen at Money In The Bank. And you cant teach surviving that.”

There is a lot of pressure on Cass going into this match. Vince McMahon likes him despite the fact that he was in the doghouse for going off-script a few weeks ago. If he has a good match with Bryan at the pay-per-view then it should propel him to the next level where management wants him to be.

Check out Bryan’s intense promo below:


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