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WATCH: Daniel Cormier says he will retire after fight with Brock Lesnar

It's no secret that Daniel Cormier had plans to retire next year and it looks like his fight with Brock Lesnar will be his last.

Cormier told TMZ Sports that he is currently nursing a broken hand from his fight with Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 but he plans on getting in one more fight before his mega-fight with Lesnar.

"He'll be my last fight. I don't think he'll be my next fight," Cormier said.

Cormier vs. Lesnar won't happen until January, at the earliest, because Lesnar is serving out the rest of USADA drug suspension. He was asked about SummerSlam but he ruled out making an appearance on that show.

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Cormier said, "I talked to Roman Reigns at the Humanitarian Awards. That dude is ready to beat him too. Maybe he'll lose to Roman and then come lose to me."

Lesnar is scheduled to face Reigns but I wouldn't assume that he is going to lose the title at SummerSlam to him. Keep in mind that Braun Strowman has said that he wants to take the title away from Lesnar and there are three dates where that could happen. It could happen on Monday night in Miami, SummerSlam or the Raw after SummerSlam.

Listen Cormier's comments in the video below: