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WATCH: Dean Ambrose talks about WrestleMania 32, Brock Lesnar fighting at UFC 200, NXT



Dean Ambrose appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Tuesday night to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE. There was a highlight reel of the top five moments of Monday’s episode of RAW.

Coachman asked him about wrestling Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32. Ambrose said it was an extraordinary experience, and he was the only guy that wanted to step up and fight Lesnar. Ambrose added that everyone told him that he would get killed, but he thought differently and took the fight to the beast. Ambrose said that he would fight Lesnar again if he could. It was a good day at the office, Ambrose stated.

When asked about Lesnar fighting at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. Ambrose said that Hunt has major punching power and Lesnar better watch out for Hunt’s right hand.

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The Money in the Bank ladder match was brought up, and Ambrose explained the differences between that match and a singles match. Ambrose said that Superstars do some crazy things in the MITB match to get the briefcase. He plans to win the match. Ambrose explained that you had to throw fear out the window to compete in this match. Coachman asked him if he was comfortable in a match likes this. Ambrose answered yes and compared himself to a kitten. Ambrose said that you just have to live in the moment.

NXT Takeover was brought up and the evolution that the brand has gone through. Ambrose said that it’s an amazing thing to see how far NXT has come. He brought up his time in NXT and working with Seth Rollins. Ambrose believed NXT is a third WWE brand.

Ambrose thanked ESPN for having him on the show, and this wrapped up the segment.