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WATCH: Drew McIntyre drops an F-bomb during passionate promo on Raw Talk

Drew McIntyre has two big matches lined up over the course of a month as he will battle Sheamus in a singles match at Sunday’s Fastlane pay-per-view event.

WWE has also confirmed that he will challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 37 on either April 10th or April 11th.

The former WWE Champion made an appearance on Raw Talk after Monday’s episode of Raw ended. While discussing his feud with Sheamus, McIntyre was in the middle of a passionate speech and dropped an F-bomb. He immediately apologized for doing so.

“It would have been simple, just ask me. Just bloody as me. You’re my best friend. You want to do that live on aw, sever our friendship, all that f*ck..oh, sorry, sorry. Bleep me please. I’m Scottish, I’m so sorry, sometimes I get carried away.”

He apologized again and said he’s not that guy usually, but he’s been pushed over the edge.


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