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WATCH: Enzo Amore gives sneak peek of new rap song

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WATCH: Enzo Amore gives sneak peek of new rap song

Enzo Amore is a jack of all trades. He can talk, he can wrestle, and he can rap. Actually, Enzo Amore has hyped his upcoming rap career for a while now and it sounds like he’s serious about it.

While on his way to Birmingham Alabama for 205 Live this week, The Realest Guy In The Room was traveling alone “like a damn G” when he not only showed off his new eyebrow injury, but he also gave fans a sneak peek of a new song he’s been working on for what we can only assume will be the most Certified G mixtape ever.

The song Enzo spits in this three-part Instagram message really isn’t half bad and you can enjoy it below. Whoever Tina is, she tasted like a Marlboro Light. So let’s keep an eye out for his album to drop because Amore promises it’s on the way as well.

We really can’t wait to hear how Enzo sounds when he’s all mixed down in a studio produced track. It’s certainly a new side of Enzo Amore.

? all 3….. What do I do with all my time on the road???? Fill up my tank & empty my thoughts ?….. #RememberThat!? Who remembers 3 way calls with ya mans on the land line??? One of y’all was holding your hand over the phone calling a girl hoping her Dad didn’t pick up so you can ask her what her feelings are about homeboy whose on silent… But if you heard that dial up noise.!?!?!? You done did it: Booted that girl’s family right off the internet… & got her in some ?! I used to call my mom collect and say where I was instead of my name & I waited around in that spot hoping she’d pick me up. Last time I seen a pay phone it was in a booth in London, & I’m 90% sure that ? was there cause it looked cool. But really thou, #remember when you set a time to meet up with people? YOU DEPENDED on that mofo yo!!! #NoCellPhones #MapQuest #Reliable #DialUpInternet #T9TextingRevolution #FakeStuds #a1s #BlowOuts #Taper #ChinStrap #2ginnieTees #1black #1white #NikeArmBandsOnYourForeArms #CurlsForTheGirls #MidWayCheeseSteaks #Surfclub #SurfSideMotel #GiantHoopEarings #10poundsOfMakeUp #iHopeYouRememberThat

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