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WATCH: Enzo Amore on why he invaded Survivor Series, the call from WWE before the show

Title Match Wrestling has posted another clip from their recent interview with former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore.

In the latest clip, he talks about why he invaded Survivor Series. As you may recall, Amore was quickly escorted out of the arena after he got up on his chair to cause a scene during the pay-per-view.

Amore said WWE called him before Survivor Series: “They called me by the way. Before. They called me before I invaded Survivor Series.”

He said his voicemail was full so he doesn’t know what WWE wanted but added, “I knew what I was gonna do so I wasn’t gonna answer the phone.”

He talked about how he was trending after he invaded Survivor Series and confirmed that he did what he did for marketing reasons.

Amore said he paid $2500 for his ringside ticket and it was worth the cost because he was able to get himself to trend on social media. He also added that he didn’t plan on doing anything until entrances were over and he wanted to cause a scene during the cruiserweight match but it ended up happening during a tag team match because he didn’t want to sit in his seat for too long.

Click below to hear Amore talk about Survivor Series:

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