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WATCH: Enzo Amore reveals why he crashed WWE Survivor Series PPV

Enzo Amore caused quite the scene at the Staples Center during WWE Survivor Series last month. Shortly after releasing a song about his ex-girlfriend and WWE star Liv Morgan, Amore quietly made his way into the front row of the audience for the show after buying a ticket. Amore later jumped up on his chair, revealing who he was, and caused quite the scene during the show. Event security tackled Amore down and escorted him from the arena. He was later banned from attending future events at the Staples Center.

Many wrestlers backstage were said to be angered by Amore’s actions, who didn’t have a great reputation with his coworkers before leaving WWE anyway. During a recent appearance in New York, Amore was asked for an explanation as to why he did what he did at Survivor Series. Contrary to popular belief, Amore said that it was not a publicity stunt to promote his music. Instead, he said he did it because he knew it’d set Vince McMahon off:

“Why did I do it? It had nothing to do with my music. I’ll tell you why I did it – cause I knew for a fact Vince McMahon would be heated more than anything in the world – but he’d respect the f*ck out of it. That’s why I did it. Because it was about one person, and that was it. Because I proved to him that I could beat him at his own game of statistics and numbers, and this that and the other, and I don’t even work for your company. I broke no laws, I bought a ticket.”

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