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WATCH: Fan assaults Alberto Del Rio at WWC event in Puerto Rico

Alberto Del Rio was attacked by a fan at ringside on Saturday night at WWC’s “Lockout” event at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum. The event was held in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Security quickly swarmed the area after the fan attacked him.

The fan was ejected from the building and Del Rio lost via DQ after Del Rio’s brother interfered to break up a figure-four leg lock. The match garnered a tremendous amount of heat because the storyline was that Ray Gonzalez was fighting to avenge his son, who was attacked by Del Rio several weeks ago.

For those wondering, Del Rio was able to do the show because he booked the date prior to signing with WWE and WWC has a working relationship with WWE. WWC is owned by Carlos Colon, the father of Eddie Colon (Diego of Los Matadores) and Carlito.

Here is video of his entrance. The second video shows the fan incident.

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