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WATCH: Fandango hints at big changes for his character when he returns to WWE

WWE Superstar Fandango is getting ready to return to the ring.

In a video posted on the WWE Performance Center YouTube account, Fandango talks about his recovery after suffering a labrum tear several months ago. He noted that he was recently cleared to do cardio after 6 months of physical therapy.

“As the month’s progress, you start to miss the road and you start to miss the guys that you’re around all the time [and] you miss performing,” he said about the time off.

He talked about the thrill and chase of trying to get to WWE and he also said he’s taken some things for granted. “You can lose a little bit of your passion on the way and sometimes you need to lose it all to realize how much you really love it.”

It sounds like we might see a new Fandango when he returns to the ring. He said, “I was watching some of my old matches but I like doing comedy stuff in the ring but I think I’d like to have serious matches … I kind of checked the comedy box off on my body work.”

He is proud of some of the work he’s done because he’s been able to work on comedic timing and he’s been able to come out of his shell but he says, “getting back to why I got into wrestling was those hard-hitting matches that I loved growing up…the Bret Hart matches, the Ricky Steamboat-Flair matches is something that I would like to check off.”

Fandango said he would like to have matches with people like Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles and he is getting his body in peak shape because, at 35 years old, there aren’t many in-ring years left.

You can check out the video interview with Fandango by clicking below:

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