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WATCH: First behind the scenes footage of WWE 2K22 released

WWE 2K22 is expected to be a big game for the company and 2K Games after the lackluster launch of WWE 2K20.

The 2019 version of the game faced negative reviews due to glitches and issues that the game had once it was released. Thus, they took last year off and released the Battlegrounds game instead.

2K is using the tagline that WWE 2K22 “hits different.” Aside from a teaser trailer that aired during WrestleMania 37, there’s not much known about the game.

2K has released the first developer video that sees Creative Director Lynell Jinks show off some behind the scenes footage. It was touted that they will give fans an unprecedented look at the game as it comes along ahead of the release later this year.

The footage shows 2K doing facial recognition with Ric Flair, motion caption of wrestlers in the ring, and entrances. You can watch the entire clip by clicking on the player below:

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