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The trailer for WWE’s “Corey and Carmella” reality series is not PG



WWE has released the first trailer for its latest reality series that will cover the lives of WWE star Carmella and Monday Night Raw color commentator Corey Graves. 

The couple first announced the show on last week’s episode of “Bare With Us” episode. 

“We shot a pilot episode. They took the pilot and chopped it up into 10, 4-minute episodes. It’s not going to be something you see on a network. It’s going to be on WWE’s YouTube,” Carmella stated during the podcast.

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Graves added, “It’s going to drop on February 28th. I believe the entire series will be dropped. That’s subject to change. WWE has been unbelievable about helping us maintain our authenticity as much as we can. It’s called, ‘Corey and Carmella’, but for those of you who listen to this, you’re going to recognize more Matt and Leah than what you see on Raw, SmackDown, or anything WWE. It’s awesome to have the machine working with us to help us achieve this goal considering this all began during the pandemic on Instagram Live because Leah and I were bored.”

“Corey and Carmella” will premiere next Monday with episodes airing on WWE’s YouTube channel. The couple got engaged last October. You can watch the entire trailer by clicking on the player below: