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WATCH: Footage of Goldberg and Matt Riddle's backstage confrontation at WWE SummerSlam

Matt Riddle Goldberg

During the WWE Chronicle episode that aired tonight on the WWE Network, they showed the backstage confrontation from SummerSlam between Goldberg and Matt Riddle.

Riddle talked about it on WWE Watch Along in August and it went down pretty much how he said it did.

In the video below, Goldberg tells Riddle that they need to talk. Goldberg also lets Riddle know, "I'm not your bro."

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Riddle has been saying negative things about Goldberg for years and ripped on him a few months ago when Goldberg was concussed during his match with The Undertaker at Crown Jewel.

The heat between them seems legit but I wouldn't be surprised if WWE decided to turn this into an angle for a match at some point.

Check out the clip below of their backstage meeting below: