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WATCH: Footage of the spot that caused Paige's injury / SVRdude / SVRdude

The video (thanks to SVRdude on YouTube) of the kick from Sasha Banks to Paige has finally surfaced. As you can see below, she took a kick from both of Banks' legs and Paige went down. She tried to get up but it was clear that she was in pain. The referee immediately called for the trainer to check on her and the match was ended.

As we reported earlier, the belief is that she may have suffered a stinger but we'll know more once her X-ray results are made available. She has been pulled from upcoming live events. The one positive is that she seemed to be doing better after the show when she met up with the rest of the roster at the hotel bar.

We'll pass along more updates as they become available. Click here for the latest updates on Paige.

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