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WATCH: Former WWE star talks about bullying, says he’d break JBL’s neck if he saw him again

Hannibal TV recently had the chance to catch with former WWE star Renee Dupree, and among other topics, talked about issues with bullying within WWE.

How he describes JBL:

“Go watch the movie Dazed and Confused. It’s a cult classic and there’s a character played by Ben Affleck named O’Bannion, who is basically the guy that literally flunked himself out of high school for the sole purpose that he can come back and haze the young kids coming from junior high and beat em with the stick. That’s the best description I can give of JBL.”


“If I were to describe WWE, it’s like a well-oiled machine – a billion dollar company, very successful but it’s almost like the military. You got your head captain who we all know who it is and then we got little sergeants that are put in place that align the troops and soldiers. The longer you’re there, the higher you get ranked. That’s the best way I can describe WWE. If you don’t fit their mold, or you’re not part of their gameplan, or you don’t react to their tests the right way [then] you’re booted out. Maybe that’s every corporate American company. I don’t know.”

More on JBL:

“He never personally does anything but he gets like people under him, like the military a lower ranking person, to do his dirty work for him.”

Thoughts on the Mauro Ranallo-JBL situation:

“Again, like I described earlier, there are certain tests to test certain people. Maybe he doesn’t fit the mold because he was never a wrestler, he never came from a wrestling background. The guy’s very talented and perhaps there is a lot of jealousy in this business. Again, [JBL has] been there a while and he’s higher rankings. He’s on of the people that the higher ups feel has a good judge of character for the people that fit that company.”

There’s more. He also talks about cliques in WWE and he would never go back because if he saw JBL then he’d break his neck. Check out the clip below:

Check out Hannibal TV for more videos.


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