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WATCH: Hulk Hogan comments on whether he would return to WWE if they asked him

Hulk Hogan is still a beloved figure in professional wrestling regardless of if he’s accepted back into WWE. But it would still be nice to have The Hulkster return to McMahon and Company’s good graces.

Hogan recently appeared on FOX News’ OBJECTified where he appeared regretful over the whole ordeal which caused WWE to banish him. He said, “It was tough, it hit me hard. I’ve been through a lot of high’s and low’s. When you look at a 40-year-old career, it’s just gone.”

When he was asked by host Harvey Levin whether he’d come back to WWE if they asked him he said, “I don’t know.”

This Hogan situation is heartbreaking because it’s such a shame he’s been erased like this. But there’s also no excuse for what he said even if he was in an intimate environment. It’s a real sticky subject.

But we shouldn’t really feel bad for Hulk Hogan because he’s loving life and running his beach shop. He’s the world’s most famous beach bum at this point and he’s mighty proud of it. He’s also proud of his career, but perhaps someday his road will lead him back to WWE when the time is right.


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