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WATCH: Hulk Hogan involved in a confrontation with a fan on Friday


There was a confrontation with a fan on Friday. It's not clear where this happened but it was likely before Friday Night SmackDown either at a shopping mall or at the hotel where the WWE Superstars were staying.

In the video below (reposted by Barstool Sports), Hogan can be heard clapping back at someone. Hogan said, "You know what, brother? I got the right to have a few moments by myself. Let me tell you something brother, the last time I had a Shirley Temple was when me and your wife got together. You know brother, you need to calm down."

Hogan can also be heard inviting the man to step outside and then saying, "you don't need to call me a d*ck or all that kind of crap."

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Hogan ends by saying to someone, "I love you man, be cool." It's unclear if that was directed at the same person or someone near the man he was upset with.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Hart and WWE producer Shawn Daivari can be seen in the clip, which likely indicates that this took place nearby where the wrestlers were staying for Friday Night SmackDown.