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WATCH Incredibly rare footage of Jerry Lawler attacking Jim Carrey 20 years ago

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When you're telling the stories of professional wrestling that never had a chance to happen you really must consider what Andy Kaufman would have done for the pro wrestling business if he hadn't died so young. His feud with Jerry Lawler in Memphis wrestling drew huge numbers and many people remember it for being one of the biggest deals of its time.

The film Man On The Moon was made nearly twenty years ago, but thanks to a new Netflix documentary "Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond Featuring A Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention Of Tony Clifton" new footage has been released that Jim Carrey had in his office all this time.

While Jim Carrey was filming the movie, he embodied Andy Kaufman's character on and off the screen, especially where Jerry Lawler was concerned. Footage in the documentary shows Carrey giving Lawler a very hard time as Andy Kaufman. But one amazing piece of film actually caught Jerry Lawler coming unhinged and attacking "Andy Kaufman." As people tried to pull The King off of Kaufman he shouted "I could do this anytime I want to" and he could too... because he's Jerry Lawler.

Later on in the doc, while they are shooting a wrestling scene, Carrey spit in Lawler's face and The King attacked him. In a moment right out of Andy Kaufman's insane career of crossing the line, paramedics carted Jim Carrey away. Carrey said his "people" didn't know if it was real and they even made headlines saying it was a shoot attack.

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I highly suggest this documentary to any fan of cinema, wrestling, Jim Carrey, or Andy Kaufman. There is wrestling footage throughout and it is a fascinating look at the creative process of Jim Carrey's genius mind.

Jerry Lawler spoke about this documentary in a previous edition of his podcast, "Dinner With The King."

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