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WATCH: James Ellsworth continues to get beat down by SmackDown Live women’s roster

On SmackDown Live, James Ellsworth competed against Becky Lynch in an intergender match, a concept that WWE has abandoned for many years before this match. The backstage hype to the bout was Ellsworth telling Lynch that she is inferior as a women, and reminding her that they were in Manchester, United Kingdom. Lynch would eventually defeat Ellsworth via her Dis-Arm-Her finishing move.

At the end of the match, Lynch and Carmella had a staredown, followed by Carmella superkicking Ellsworth and walking away. This led to speculation that Ellsworth may be on his way out of WWE since his contract is due to expire soon.

Whether this rumor is true or not, WWE is still going with the SmackDown Live women’s roster beating him down, including Carmella. You can view the video below of them giving him a gang assault during their appearance in Leeds, England.

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