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WATCH: "JBL" John Layfield names the sweatiest wrestler he's ever been in the ring with



John Bradshaw Layfield seems busier now than he was during his active wrestling days. He's been very active in various charities that help at-risk kids. We recently caught up with the former WWE Champion and he talked about what he's been doing lately.

"Got a bunch of charity stuff I'm doing," Layfield said. "Trying to arrange a coach and transfer with some at-risk programs around the globe."

Here is Layfield back in 2017 working with the community in Mumbai, India:

Layfield is also a contributor on FOX News where he occasionally gives business advice. "Don't invest on somebody else's advice. Know what you're investing in," Layfield told us in regards to what he would tell someone who needs some investment advice.

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On a lighter note, we asked Layfield who was the sweatiest wrestler he's been in the ring with. "Sweatiest? Vader sweat like crazy. Vader, probably Vader."

"Vader sweat like crazy. Vader sweat walking to the ring. Nice guy. He was a wonderful athlete and a great guy. I liked him."

Layfield named Ron Simmons as his best friend in the wrestling business and said Ron was the best man at his wedding.

Check out the clip below:

(Thanks to Adam Glyn)