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WATCH: Jerry Lawler shot a fireball at Joey Ryan's penis at WrestleCon

Jerry Lawler Joey Ryan fireball

It's always a fun time during WrestleMania weekend. If you have never been able to make it to WrestleMania, you should really try to make it out next year. Aside from WrestleMania, Axxess, Takeover and the Hall Of Fame, there is so much more to do and there is so much wrestling to take in.

WrestleCon kicked off on Thursday and many top independent names were there. That includes the one and only Joey Ryan. Ryan has made a name for himself thanks, in part, due to the antics with his penis.

At Thursday's show, he paid homage to Andy Kaufman. Unfortunately for him, he ran into Kaufman's nemesis Jerry "The King" Lawler and he was in for a hell of a surprise.

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As you can see below, Ryan mocked Lawler and told him that he couldn't piledrive him because of the rules in the state. However, Lawler always has tricks up his sleeve and, instead of falling for Ryan's old penis strength gag, he delivered a fireball to the crotch. Seriously. Oh, and the match ended in a disqualification due to the fire spot so Ryan was declared the winner. Check it out below.

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