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WATCH: John Cena changes his hairstyle for a new movie role

WWE has posted a collection of some of John Cena’s recent posts from his Weibo account, the social media platform used in China.

As you can see below, Cena is going back to a familiar hairstyle and he noted that he had his hair longer because of a movie role.

“A year ago I shot a film with Jackie Chan,” Cena said. “The director asked me if I could change my hairstyle. So right now you can see it’s long and wild. Now I’m filming a new movie and the director asked me if I can change my hairstyle.”

Cena then showed off his shorter hair and noted that he will need another hair cut in the future but now he looks like the John Cena that most WWE fans remember.

It looks like Cena has a lot of non-WWE projects on his plate and it doesn’t look like he has any plans to return in the near future. However, with WWE looking to load up the first SmackDown on FOX, it wouldn’t shock me if he was brought for a one-off appearance on that show.

Check out Cena’s new hairstyle below:


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