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WATCH: John Cena debuts new 6th move of doom at WWE live event in Shanghai, China



John Cena returned to action on Saturday in Shanghai, China. He teamed with Bobby Lashley and, as you can see below, he debuted his new 6th move of doom.

It seems like Cena has been trolling these past few weeks. He hit the new move called the lightning fist just before hitting the signature AA. Or maybe his new move happens so fast that we don't realize that he's actually throwing a thousand punches within the span of a second?

Following the match, Cena took some time to thank the fans for welcoming him back to WWE. The match was convenient for him because he has been spending the past few weeks in China because he is making a movie.

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No word on if he will be returning to WWE TV soon but his appearances will remain limited as he racks up Hollywood commitments. He is scheduled to team with Lashley at the Super Show-Down event in Australia and their opponents will be Kevin Owens and Elias.