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WATCH: John Cena explains why he wore jorts during his matches

John Cena made an appearance on an episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden. 

During this appearance, Cena gave some insight into his decision to wear his signature “jorts” [denim shorts] for the majority of his career as a pro-wrestler for WWE

It all comes down to wanting to be different with his “Dr. of Thuganomics” character by wearing street clothes instead of the traditional ring gear. It also turns out that while he tried to wear cargo style shorts, he had some issues with them as it was common for the crotch to blow out of cargo shorts.

“Tough to do that in your underwear, tough to do that. So I also wore sneakers while most guys wear calf-high or knee-high leather boots. I’m pretty much in street clothes, I chose denim because you don’t blow the crotch out of denim. I tried cargo pants and in front of the world a few times.

Here I am trying to put my life on the line with a superstar that I’m trying to have a match with and everybody’s just looking at my d**k. Denim is a safe play. They’re back in, so I kind of stood the test of time!”

You can watch the entire video by clicking on the player below:


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