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WATCH: John Cena opens up why he posts random Instagram photos

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WATCH: John Cena opens up why he posts random Instagram photos

Former WWE Champion John Cena opened up on his odd choice of photos that he shares on his official Instagram account. For years now, Cena has been posting photos without captions that range from wrestlers to celebrates to random items.

While doing a recent appearance on “Ellen,” the longtime WWE Superstar revealed the reason that he posts random photos on the social media platform. It all started once WWE wanted him to use Instagram, but with him already on Twitter and Facebook, he wasn’t sure if he had the time for it. However, he decided to use the platform once coming up with the idea of doing it his way, which is why he posts what he posts without captions to let people try to guess why he posted certain items.

Regarding his famous Stone Cold photos, he brought up how every Friday he shares these photos because he wanted to do that and will share these photos without using the face of WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. You can watch some clips from his appearance here:

Cena is gearing up to make his return to what he calls home, which is the WWE, as he is advertised for several WWE events starting December 26th for a house show at Madison Square Garden.


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