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WATCH: John Cena talks making his return to WWE



John Cena is back home in the WWE as he has been working several WWE events for almost a week now through early January. He’s been away for the majority of 2018 as he continues to build his career in Hollywood. Despite his absence on WWE television, he has always made it known that WWE is his home and will continue to be even though he is a part-timer now after 16 strong years.

Cena will be appearing on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, which was taped over the weekend as well as the January 7th episode of Monday Night Raw. After he finishes up his latest stint with the WWE, he will begin filming “The Janson Directive” soon.

Cena talked about a wide range of topics during a recent Q&A session with fans on Facebook while backstage at Saturday’s WWE SmackDown TV taping. In this session, he talked about making his return to in-ring action.

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“It’s awesome. It’s the best. This is inside baseball, but there are some inside baseball folks out there So, I filmed a movie in China that ended shortly after Thanksgiving and I landed in America and started global promotion for Bumblebee a day and a half later. So, I went to Berlin and I went to the UK and I went to Hong Kong and then I went to China, pretty much going all over and finished that four days before Christmas right when Bumblebee came out. I had a choice to make and a choice WWE was totally cool with. I’m very fortunate to be able to shoot my next project in Vancouver on January 20th and they said, ‘Well, you’ve been working hard. Why don’t you just take a month to breathe and then do this movie and show up after the movie’s done?’

I said, ‘I could do that or I could come back to WWE.’ So, starting December 26th at Madison Square Garden, I was able to return to a WWE ring and tonight we’re here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we’re able to do the same thing. I’ll be in Tampa, Florida live tomorrow night performing in a WWE ring as well and then next week I’m gonna switch. I have no brand allegiance…it’s gonna be RAW and the week after that it will be RAW and as soon as RAW is done I’ll head to Canada and hopefully start something else, but I made a promise to the WWE Universe that I would never leave and I know it’s really difficult to understand because I’m not there every week and it truly breaks my heart, but there are some wonderful opportunities and with those opportunities come more acceptance from the world of what we do here in WWE and if you listen to anything I say to anyone, first and foremost is what I do here because what I do here is what I love and I’m so very proud that WWE.

Each day that goes by WWE is gaining more and more respect from outside critics who have thought maybe that it is only one thing and that’s that. I’m really appreciative to everybody opening up their minds to what we do because I believe what we do is put smiles on people’s faces and I just saw it tonight and will go back out and see it. So, instead of taking a month and kicking my feet up and cracking open a nice can of red wine and enjoying that, I wanted to come to WWE. It’s no secret; I’ve invested my life here for 16 years and this is my life and this is my family. It’s cool to see everybody backstage, but it’s gonna be extra cool to see people out there, so I’m super stoked about it.”

Cena also talked about working with Make a Wish, his cryptic Instagram account, a hypnosis show, and the BumbleBee movie. You can watch the Q&A here:

H/T to WrestleZone for the transcription