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WATCH: Kevin Owens on why he attacked MGK, his plan to take the United States title

Michael Cole has a new sit-down interview with Kevin Owens. Owens addressed his attack on Machine Gun Kelly on Monday Night Raw. Owens asked Cole why MGK walked out on the Raw stage in the first place and said that MGK’s people contacted WWE and he wanted to take part in the show because he wanted to be a hero. He said that MGK reminds him of John Cena and he doesn’t belong on Raw. Owens says that he was born to be in a WWE ring and John Cena was trying to be a hero on Sunday at Money In The Bank. Owens said that he got carried away on Monday when he saw MGK doing the same as Cena. Owens said that he “saw through” John Cena on Sunday and saw that Cena was trying to hog the spotlight.

Owens is great in this interview. Check it out below.

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