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WATCH: Mark Henry makes tearful plea to Owen Hart's widow so he can be inducted in WWE Hall Of Fame



It's not clear if Martha Hart will ever give her blessing for WWE to put her late husband Owen Hart into the Hall Of Fame but Mark Henry did his best on Friday night during his induction speech. Henry gave an emotional plea to Martha on Friday night.

Henry said, "please, this is not from the company. This is not from other wrestlers. This is from his other brother. He needs to be here and I hate that I haven't kept up like I should have. I love to be able to look down one day and see Oje able to be among us. It's his birthright."

Most fans know that Martha Hart wants absolutely nothing to do with WWE. Three weeks after Owen's tragic death in 1999, she filed a wrongful death against the company and settled for $18 million in 2000. The settlement money made it possible for her to start the Owen Hart Foundation, a charity that helps provide college scholarships to children in need and housing for low-income families.

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In 2010, she sued WWE for wrongfully using Owen's name and likeness on DVD's and for not paying royalties to Owen's estate and children. The lawsuit was settled in 2013.

You can watch Henry's emotional plea to Martha in the clip below:

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