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WATCH: New footage shows what FOX did to keep CM Punk’s WWE Backstage appearance a secret

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FOX has released a new video of behind the scenes footage of CM Punk making a surprise appearance on WWE Backstage, the weekly television show that airs on FOX Sports 1, on Tuesday night. 

This footage shows the great lengths that FOX went to in order to keep Punk’s return a secret from most people. 

The description of the video reads like, “I'm not going to break the internet. I'm going to break the world." Follow CM Punk from his hotel to the studio on the magical day of his shocking WWE Backstage debut in this exclusive, behind-the-scenes look.”’

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Punk was asked if he had any nerves at all and he admitted he did. In the video, it shows Punk riding through Los Angeles about an hour before the show started. He did note that at first, he thought it was a commentary gig but rather told it was an analyst role. 

In the meeting with FOX, Punk was told that they wanted him to be the WWE version of Troy Aikman for the NFL and A-Rod for baseball.

As noted, Punk is not under contract with WWE but rather with FOX as a deal was reached a few days ago. You can watch the entire video by clicking on the player below: