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WATCH: Priscilla Kelly pulls tampon out of herself and uses it on her opponent, wrestlers react to the video

Priscilla Kelly tampon

Independent wrestler/WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Priscilla Kelly went viral today. Usually, when an independent wrestling clip goes viral it's because of a dangerous spot through a table or antics from Joey Ryan.

However, Kelly did something very unique, to say the least. Some of you will be repulsed at this video and some of you won't see any issue with it.

Kelly basically pulled a tampon out of herself (with blood on it) and used it on her opponent by shoving it in her mouth. The clip has gone viral and you can see it below (viewer discretion is advised):

The match occurred at the end of December but it didn't gain traction on social media until Saturday. Kelly stood her ground after a wave of negative tweets directed at her.

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Some people found humor in the spot.

Joey Ryan had this to say:

"I would never censor anyone’s artistic creativity. To each their own. The telltale sign will be if it connects with an audience. If it finds an audience then can it really be considered wrong? If it doesn’t then it’ll die. You can’t stop change. Trying will only make you bitter."

Jim Ross, Gail Kim, Tessa Blanchard and Velvet Sky chimed in and made it clear that they were not fans of the spot.

Kelly took issue with some of the criticism. She wrote, "A penis is funny and awesome. A vagina is disgusting and trashy. #Equality?"