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WATCH: Rhyno addresses retirement rumors

In a video posted by WWE, Rhyno addressed the status of his career after being “fired” last week on Monday Night Raw following his loss to Heath Slater.

Rhyno said, “I just want to clear up a rumor that I’ve seen for about a week now on Twitter about me retiring. I am not retiring, I have no plans on retiring.”

Rhyno said that he would be fulfilling his contractual obligations with WWE so he will wrestle at the December and January live events.

He added, “After that, I don’t know whether or not I compete in WWE or somewhere else. Your guess is as good as mine.”

Rhyno wrestled on the recent Latin American tour so it’s clear that his “firing” is an angle. Perhaps, he will be reinstated after TLC if Baron Corbin is replaced as the Raw General Manager.

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